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Window Cleaning

Whatever the height of the building, we provide an efficient, safe and high quality service even where access is a problem.

External Windows, frames and cladding

The majority of our work is carried out using pure water and a pole fed system. The benefits of using pole fed pure water technology include:

  • Operators work from the safety of the ground – no more ladders and no more costly access equipment
  • Environmentally friendly with no more chemicals or detergents
  • Cleans windows, atria, cladding, canopies and signs to a spot free finish
  • No detergent residue means windows stay clean for longer
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease

With a depot based Zero Static system from Ionic, we are able to produce water with unprecedented purity, zero parts per billion. This means the water, having less impurities, has a greater dissolving capacity and cuts through dirt and grime effortlessly.

The water is then carried to our jobs by our fleet of custom built window cleaning vans, and pumped to the windows using the Ionic Thermo Pure system, enabling us to heat the pure water, improving its cleaning potential even further.

Internal glass and balustrades

The Dragonfly® is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where ladders or other reach equipment is usually required, as it allows you to clean windows, cladding and other smooth hard surfaces with your feet on the ground. A simple pump system, rechargeable battery and bottle filled with water on a belt, the Dragonfly® pumps water to the head where the swivel mop plate is attached to a telescopic pole, providing a mist sufficient for the microfibre pad to clean efficiently and speedily. Areas of use include car showrooms, stair wells, atriums in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres

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