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Gutter Cleaning


Blocked gutters can cause both external and internal damage to properties and it’s amazing without proper maintenance just how quickly gutter systems can become blocked. Bulloughs uses the latest purpose built gutter cleaning technology, allowing us to deal with leaves, moss, grass, birds nests and roof tile debris quickly, efficiently and from the safety of the ground.

Our state of the art vacuums are powered by twin wet and dry motors and when coupled with our ultralite modular carbon fibre poles allow us to comfortably reach gutters up to three stories high. A camera and array of flexible attachments allow the operator to continually monitor process and reach even the most difficult areas.

The benefits of gutter cleaning using a vacuum and pole system include:

  •     It eliminates the need for ladders, raised platforms and expensive scaffolding
  •     It is the safest solution for high buildings such as retail premises, offices and public buildings
  •     We can clean all gutters up to 50 feet high from ground level
  •     It minimises disruption to your customers and staff
  •    Our camera system allows us to take videos and pictures so our clients can see exactly what’s been done

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